BioRec – Biotechnology in oil recovery

Despite existing modern technologies about 70% of Danish oil resources are considered unrecoverable. In this project, we strive to improve oil recovery and reduce transport systems downtime.

Danish Oil and Biotech industries together with DTU-CERE and RUC have joined forces targeting three promising areas in oil recovery. The industrial partners are Maersk Oil and Gas, DONG E&P, Novozymes and The Danish Technological Institute.


Seen in the light of the novelty of the project, we are proud to present new knowledge and steady progress in all three areas: Initial results show that enzymes are potentially efficient in increasing oil recovery due to reduced oil adhesion in the rock. For the first time, we have demonstrated that floodings with bacteria show penetration of the bacteria into the chalk rock being essential for the specific recovery method. The equipment procured to test reduction of harmful microbial growth in the pipelines runs according to plan, and we look forward to test the selected strategy. Also, the front-edge equipment acquired for testing gas hydrate inhibition using our antifreeze protein gives promising reproducible results compared to similar equipment. We have succeeded in microbial expression of the targeted antifreeze protein, and up-scaling is on-going.


Project manager : Sidsel Marie Nielsen - DTU-CERE